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Summary what is NOT part of a JMS

A Summary of what does NOT belong in a Just Monetary System are the current:

1. State Bonds and its markets;
2. Derivates and its markets;
3. Private Placement Programs;
4. Creation of money via Unlawful hypothecations of the Property and Resources of the Nation, Businesses and People;

5. Tax-systems; besides the Transaction Fee;
6. Welfare-programs; because they are replaced by the Basic Income;
7. Central Banks; because they are replaced by the
JMS-Neutral Monetary Authority;
8. High Interest charged by Banks;
9. High Service Fees charged by Banks;
10. Blockades on Secure Electronic Transfers of Money;
11. Blockades of providing Free & Clean Energy;
12. Blockades on providing Holistic Healthcare;
13. Blockades of Organic & Bio-Dynamic Agriculture;
14. Blockades on Free Education.

Also see the book "The Global Abuse of the Creation of Money & Doing it Otherwise" for further clarifications.