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Its Origin & Basic Premise

The Just Monetary System has come about due to a variety of developments and events in the world regarding monetary systems in the last centuries. Many people have done research on the current fiat-money monetary system and its issues.

John Offenbach spent 15 years to analyze the current monetary system and wrote his book about its most fundamental issue laid down in: "The Global Abuse of the Creation of Money & Doing it Otherwise".

The JMS is a combination of the merits of the last centuries combined with various new ultra-contemporary ideas, inspirations and outworkings.

The JMS advances a grand ideal of just sanitization of the existing monetary systems, the economic, financial and banking world as a whole. The JMS will easily recognize and prevent the extortion, theft and enslavement committed by the current monetary system.

In the JMS the Power of Creating Money is therefore also taken out of the hands of the Banks and not done via State Bonds on the International Capital Markets. It is ONLY entrusted to the JMS-Monetary Authority of a Nation.

A Sovereign Nation does not need to use the International Capital Markets and State Bonds for creating, issuing and monetizing its own sovereign currency.

The JMS is a monetary system designed for the benefit of each individual, which allows them to be a sovereign individual and always be in control of their lives, no matter what their government leaders do. With JMS-Money they have the ability and power to maintain their standard of living.

Two Major Sources for the JMS were of fundamental significance.

Source No. 1: "The US-Constitution" and the "The Coinage Act of 1792, Statute I".

While carefully exploring the basis of a Monetary System for the US, people such as Thomas Jefferson sought a "Common, not arbitrary, Measure" to "fix the unit of money". This turned out to result in the major foundation that was approved by Congress which determined that:

ONE US-Dollar was set at a fixed weight of 371.25 Grains (troy) of pure silver.

This fixed weight was derived from the "Spanish Milled Dollar", which was also used as the premise for the US-Dollar because the people were familiar with using it. The reason for this was that it was similar in weight and fineness, and Spain had an important position in commerce at that time.

The JMS has integrated similar underlying premises and as such the JMS-Currency is a contemporary next level application of the reasoning of the Founding Fathers.

Source No. 2: Probably the most fundamental issue with a Just Monetary System is for it to have a Just Currency as its "Unit of Account" and "Medium of Exchange", which has a guaranteed and constant Purchasing Power/Storage of Value.

It thus needs to be a "True, Real, Stable & Trustworthy Measurer of Economic Value" .

The Mastermind of the JMS thought to take Gold as the foundation to determine this, in a similar manner as the Founding Fathers did. The logic to come to this key-premise of a Just Monetary System in this way lies in the fact that Gold has been at constant average Value for over 2,000 years.
To come to an objective "Unit of Account" that is not influenced by the fluctuations of the price of Gold on the Market, it needs to be based on another key-property which is the quantity of Gold and therefore NOT on the price of Gold on the market.

To arrive at a fine-tuned kick-starting Determination of Value for "The Just Measurer" a mix of this 2,000 years constant average Value and the quantity-principle is further set in conjunction with the current average price of Gold in USD$ and EURO.

This therefore leads to a New Fixed Gold Standard:

1KG of Fine Gold = 40,000 JMS-Currency Units
1 Troy Ounce of Fine Gold = 1244 JMS-Currency Units
0.3585 Grains of Fine Gold = 1 JMS-Currency Unit

This solves the quest for the most logical manner of how to make a Gold Standard the most fundamental premise for the creation of "The Just Measurer" and "Unit of Money". At least for now.

This has therefore become the underlying foundation to determine the Value of the JMS-Currency.

Thus, these Two Major Sources kill 4 birds with 1 stone. They:

1. Set the Value of the JMS-Currency by a New Fixed Gold Standard;
2. Fix the Gold Price based on Quantity of Gold, therefore blocking manipulation with it;
3. Create a True, Real, Stable & Trustworthy Measurer of Economic Value and Medium of Exchange, that guarantees a stable Purchasing Power;
4. Make that "The Gold Clause" is built in the JMS-Currency, by which contracts that apply a JMS-currency automatically include it and are backed by it.