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The JMS-Template

The Just Monetary System consists of a Template that has TWELVE Main Components.

This is a coherent compilation of all the components required to be part of the JMS. The transition and reset to a Just Monetary System does not happen overnight, but surely is a gradual process for a Nation to implement while all involved can go through their process of gaining awareness regarding the changes and the phenomena of just money.

ONE EXTRA Component for the JMS
Component No. 13 is the Ideal Setting in Society for the JMS to be placed in for it to achieve its optimal and solidified operation: The Just Societal Structure. It means a more thorough transformation of the basic set up of a Nation. On the other hand it could also be used as the guideline, framework and template allowing a gradual implementation of a Just Monetary System for a Nation.

Consultancy is offered to that effect.

The Book "The Global Abuse of the Creation of Money & Doing it Otherwise", by John Offenbach, exposes the major flaw of the current monetary system.