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Bringing JMS-Currency into Circulation

A final issue to address is how JMS-Currency that is created is brought into Circulation. Several ways have already been outlined throughout the 12 Components. Here is a summary:

1. Through the Basic Income provided to the people in JMS-Currency;
2. By people who work accept to be paid out in JMS-Currency;
3. By Shops and businesses accepting JMS-Currency;
4. The Projects of the Nation's Government are funded in JMS-Currency;
5. Self-Liquidating Credit using JMS-Currency which allows an Entrepreneur to make profits, which then will be used for more Business;
6. Loans & Debt-Creation in JMS-Currency that are established for (Small-)Business Loans and Investments (the latter could be provided by the RESERVE of 33%);
7. Usage of the Free-Coinage into JMS-Currency option;
8. Once-in-a-lifetime Housing Gift of 100,000 (or more) in JMS-Currency;
9. Interaction of JMS-Currency Holders with LETS & BARTER-systems;
10. Making Gifts in JMS-Currency.

Other means of distribution of equity can be explored and implemented by the JMS-MA.