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2. Monetizes Natural Resources, Goods & Services

A Just Monetary System carries out its Monetization based on Real Assets that have a Real Economic VALUE, based on the Value set by its JMS-Currency.

There are FIVE WAYS of MONETIZATION to do so:

1. Natural Resources that are In-Ground BUT HAVE NOT BEEN EXTRACTED can be monetized and stated in value in the JMS-Currency UP TO 10% of their Assayed Amount of the Satellite Geological Survey in the JMS-Currency. This is how a Nation, which only possesses its Natural Resources in this manner, can still kick-start its monetization of its JMS-Currency. A solid trustworthy and accredited Satellite Geological Survey will need to be the underlying proof for such Monetization;

2. While Natural Resources are in the process of extraction and NOT YET FULLY EXTRACTED those Natural Resources can be monetized and stated in value in JMS-Currency based upon their Assayed Value;

3. As a fully Extracted Natural Resource, but NOT YET FULLY useable End-Product (such as Alluvial Gold in dust, flake or nugget form) Natural Resources can be monetized and stated in value in JMS-Currency based upon their Assayed Value.

4. As a fully READY End-Product Natural Resources can be monetized in an Amount in JMS-Currency at 100% of its final Value in JMS-Currency.

5. The Annually contracted to be delivered Goods and Services (or work done) in the Economy of a Nation can be monetized and expressed in par Value in JMS-Currency.

The Total Quantity of Monetized JMS-Currency can suffice with 15% Total Backing of its 100% Quantity of Created Money
In Line with BASEL-III requirements for Monetary Systems, a 15% backing with Gold, the total quantity of monetized money does not need to be 100% backed as long as the Ratio of Quantity of Money vs the Backing remains in tact. This is a matter of Sound & Transparent Bookkeeping.

The Total Quantity of Monetized JMS-Currency includes "A RESERVE of 33%"

The Total Quantity of monetized JMS-Currency will need a built in RESERVE to be able to work with for Future Endeavors that are of benefit for the Nation.

The suggested percentage here to be used is A RESERVE of 33% of the monetized Total Quantity of JMS-Currency. This figure can be adjusted by the JMS-MA if clearly shown to be necessary.

The RESERVE of 33% can be used for:
1. Exchanging (Free-Coinage) and expressing future Assets, Goods & Services in JMS-Currency when they are readily available throughout the Year;
2. Facilitating the Self-Liquidating Credit Mechanism (Commercial Banking);
3. Either (Small-)Business Loans, or for New Major Investments. Working with the Reserve like this is entrusted to Banks licensed by the JMS-MA in line with the Constrains for Investments, Loans & Debts.

The JMS-MA and the Clearing System will see to it that the RESERVE is worked with according to its purpose.

Banks also only work with REAL ASSETS
Banks in the JMS can only work with REAL ASSETS that they have as deposits. It therefore is only possible for them to work with a 100% backing of the loans and investments they make. If they are Authorized by the JMS-MA to work with the RESERVE of 33% they have more options to do Investments.

Other Advantages
This Monetization also means that Redeemability is covered and there is no real need for people to go and redeem it while a Sound and Transparent Bookkeeping System along with the Right to Intervene is guaranteed by Component No. 8 of Free Coinage.

These WAYS of Monetization of the JMS-Currency expresses the Value of Natural Resources in Quantity of and NOT in the Price of, as well as it expresses the Value of Goods & Services in amount of 'products on hand' and the work done as valued in JMS-Currency. Besides this is the JMS-Currency's Value based on the work people have done to acquire the Natural Resources and/or make the contracted Goods and Services, which gives the JMS-Currency its intrinsic Value.

The JMS-Currency and the New Fixed Gold Standard can be used as a Measuring Standard to determine the Value of other Natural Resources and Goods and Services. This can also be of help for a Nation, which is seeking to make a transition to another currency that has similar fundamentals as the JMS-Currency.