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12. Run by a Neutral Non-Profit Monetary Authority

The operation of the JMS should be mandated to a Neutral Non-Profit Monetary Authority, operating as the Treasury of a Nation. It owes full responsibility and accountability to the people, the representatives and the central government.

The JMS-MA has a MA-Council of at least 10 people, which consists of an even amount of men and women. They carry the full responsibility of the tasks it needs to execute.

The tasks of the JMS-MA are:

1. Overseeing all the policies, affairs, decisions and implementations covering the Constitutional Law establishing this JMS-Monetary Authority and that all matters are in correspondence with that Law and the JMS;

2. Responsible for the execution of the creation & monetization of the Quantity of JMS-Currency based on decisions of the Nations Government and to bring it into circulation;

3. Keeping Track and Administering the Assessments & Assays resulting from the Satellite & Geological Surveys of all the In-Ground and Offshore Natural Resources present within the borders of the Nation;

4. Prepares advice and propositions of possibilities for the production and extraction of Natural Resources, based on the Assessments and Assays, and the allocation of it for monetization in JMS-Currency;

5. Issuing, or delegating the issuance, of merchantable investment grade paper (such as Gold Bonds) on the world market based on those Natural Resources for the purpose of generating funds for the Nation;

6. Responsible for the transparent Bookkeeping of the Quantity of JMS-Currency in circulation making sure the Quantity corresponds 1-on-1 with the monetized JMS-money;

7. Runs and oversees the "Department of Clearing";

8. Runs and oversees all having to do with the RESERVE of 33% such as how it should be operated with and the JMS-Banks that are authorized to work with it;

9. Decides to issue an authorization for a JMS-Bank to work with the RESERVE of 33%, as well as the protocols that stipulate how an JMS-Bank should do so;

10. Keeps track of the Volume of Goods & Services circulating within, as well as those imported into, the Economy of the Nation;

11. Calculates the appropriate percentages of The Transaction Fee and can come up with any necessary variations of the percentage between specific types of Goods and Services;

12. Collects the monthly Total Transaction Fees collected by the businesses of a Nation;

13. Disburses the monthly Basic Income to the people;

14. Disburses the funds that are decided by the Nation's Government to be allocated to specific Projects of the Nation;

15. If needed, mints the coins and prints the paper currency which the Nation wishes to have and make use of;

16. Sets up, secures and maintains Storages and Vaults for the JMS-Monetary Authority.