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11. Funds Nations Projects & People's Basic Income

Funding of the Expenditures of a Nation
JMS-Currency is created so that a Nation will have the necessary funding at its disposal to pay for its Expenditures for Projects and the maintenance thereof. The Nation should have a proper mechanism in place within the cooperation of Government and the Representatives of the people to decide on the allocation of funds, while keeping an eagle's eye on anything like corruption and intrusion of dubious lobby-groups.

The Basic Income
It is the Universal Right of people to receive the Basic Income so they can provide in their living costs. Therefore the JMS supports its Nationals like this so they are treated in a brotherhood-manner. People who will most likely need this are the elderly, handicapped, but also those who simply are not yet able themselves to provide for income such as the young people. The goal of the Basic Income is also that people should be given the opportunity to do the work they really want. When they are free that will come about more naturally. On the other hand Nationals are also co-owners of the Natural Resources of a Nation. By receiving a Basic Income they can thus benefit from a just and equal compensation out of the revenues derived from the production, extraction, leverage and monetization of the Natural Resources. Nationals are also co-responsible for the money made on the Goods & Services generated in a Nation, partially because they purchase it.

The financing of the Basic Income is also partially provided for by the revenues of the Transaction Fees.

The Basic Income has the following properties and conditions:

1. A Monthly Basic Income of a high enough amount (according to the purchasing power of a Nation), to enable the needy people of a JMS-Nation so they can provide for their basic needs such as clothing, energy, food, a car, renting a house and free health-care coverage. Suggestions for the monthly amount are as follows: in Europe € 3.300; in the UK £ 2.500; in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand $ 4,000. It should also include an annual holiday bonus of a similar amount.

2. To right to obtain a Basic Income commences when a National of a JMS-Nation is 18 years old.

3. The JMS-Monetary Authority is responsible for calculating the amount of the Basic Income and disbursement to the people.

4. The Basic Income can only be spent within the Nation of that particular JMS.

5. People will probably still need to be coached by an Organization with regard to their professional destiny. People should not be forced to work as is the case with welfare- and social security programs in many countries, .

One-Time Housing Gift
It is possible for a JMS to offer every National who is 21 years of age a "Once-in-a-Lifetime Housing Gift" of 100,000.00 JMS-Currency so they can buy a house or build one and don't have to pay rent every month. This gift is only spendable in the Nation itself. The amount could also be adjusted according to the different price-ranges of certain areas within a Nation.