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10. Works with a Fixed FOREX-Rate System

The JMS-Currency works with a FIXED Foreign Exchange Rate System.

This can operate on only a small flat fee as remuneration for the Exchange-services. Therefore the JMS minimizes costs when it needs to be exchanged for other currencies.

The Value and Rate of JMS-Money, such as the EVO, is determined by the New Fixed Gold Standard of the JMS.

The Way to Exchange Other Currencies into a JMS-Currency

The Currencies that are NOT working with JMS-Template and which wish to exchange their currency into a JMS-Currency can do as follows.

The Value of such other currency is expressed in 1KG of Fine Gold or 1 Troy Ounce of Fine Gold;

Then convert that Value in Gold into JMS-Currency through setting that value in Gold off against the New FIXED Gold Standard of the JMS.

To calculate the rate of a currency in gold: http://www.goldrate24.com/gold-prices/

Reason for the FIXED Foreign Exchange Rate System
A FIXED Foreign Exchange System has great stabilizing effects in the financial markets, which also ensures that the true economic value remains in place of the Good and Services and actual work done.

The FOREX needs a sanitization, because the daily volume in exchanges on the Forex is approximately USD$ 5,3 Trillion, which means that a lot of money is paid for exchanging, causing an unnecessarily flow of money out of the economy. A Fixed FOREX Rate System is preferred instead of the current FOREX, which enables to be a tool of manipulation of the major currencies whereby geo-political agenda's are pushed through. The rulers of these countries have used their countries as their own personal gravy train and in the meantime these manipulating countries print more money than their Natural Resources or what their GDP reflects.

A Fixed Foreign Exchange Rate System also replaces the way of the Central Banks, which have been acting as a casino wherein their currencies are like casino-chips whose value is merely based on the fact that it has the name of their Central Bank on it.