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1. Sets Currency-Value by New Fixed Gold Standard

Probably the most fundamental issue with a Just Monetary System is for it to have a Just Currency as its "Unit of Account" and "Medium of Exchange" which has a constant and guaranteed Purchasing Power/Storage of Value, and thus it needs to be a:

"True, Real, Stable & Trustworthy Measurer of Economic Value"

To bring that into existence the JMS has created a currency which Value is determined by a "New Fixed Gold Standard". It applies a fixed quantity of Gold to a certain fixed Value in JMS-Currency.

1KG of Fine Gold = 40,000 JMS-Currency Units
1 Troy Ounce of Fine Gold = 1244 JMS-Currency Units
0.3585 Grains of Fine Gold = 1 JMS-Currency Unit

The logic for this detemination lies in the near to constant level of the Value of Gold in the World of Commerce for over 2,000 years.

This determination is also a contemporary application of what came forth from "The US-Constitution" and the "The Coinage Act of 1792, Statute I". While carefully exploring the basis of a Monetary System for the US, Thomas Jefferson sought a "Common, not arbitrary, Measure" to "fix the unit of money". This turned out to result in the major foundation that was approved by Congress which determined that:

ONE US-Dollar was set at a fixed weight of 371.25 Grains (troy) of pure silver.

Set in this manner the Value of the JMS-Currency is NOT dependent on the changes of the price of Gold on the World Market. Nor is it dependent on one or more of the major reserve currencies to be the foundation for the operation of a clear and stable Gold Standard. The history of the 19th and 20th century has witnessed the misery and geo-political manipulation with the Gold Standard (see the Book: "Global Abuse of the Creation of Money & Doing it Otherwise").

The JMS-Currency therefore has the basic ingredients of being a True, Real, Stable & Trustworthy Measurer of Economic Value and Medium of Exchange to use for facilitating a transaction in commerce. It will advance the determination of fair and just prices for Goods & Services, while assuring the transaction is done in a fair-for-fair and just way, because it holds its Value and Purchasing Power for a long time.

It thereby also provides emerging Nations with the just and right measure of Purchasing Power and a clear way of doing trade among one another. This will advance the diminishing of poverty and unemployment globally and stop false manipulated dependencies.

Summarized, and as outlined under Origin & Basic Premise, this New Fixed Gold Standard, kill 4 birds with 1 stone. They:

1. Set the Value of the JMS-Currency by a New Fixed Gold Standard;
2. Fix the Gold Price based on Quantity of Gold, therefore blocking manipulation with it;
3. Create a True, Real, Stable & Trustworthy Measurer of Economic Value and Medium of Exchange, that guarantees a stable Purchasing Power;
4. Make that "The Gold Clause" is built in the JMS-Currency, by which contracts that apply a JMS-currency automatically include this determination of Value and are backed by it.

JMS also has created its own JMS-Currency: The EVO.

TWO Different Currencies - Interior & Exterior

A Nation needs TWO different Currencies to optimize being able to manage and control all its own National affairs.

When a Nation has its own internal currency foreign entities CANNOT interfere with its Economy via unleashing manipulative disruptions through FOREX-Wars. World War I & II have seen many of these consequences and it still is a huge issue Worldwide, where the US-Dollar has been terrorizing the globe and humanity as a Weapon of Control, Manipulation and of Mass Destruction.

Ideally a Nation would not need nor want to excessively interfere with International affairs and those of other Nations. It also wants this to be reflected in its Monetary System.

When a Nation, its businesses, or its people who need or wish to interact on an International level will need to be Exchange Its INTERIOR Currency into its EXTERIOR Currency FIRST before they can attempt to Exchange the EXTERIOR Currency on the FOREX.

When Foreigners or Foreign entities need to Exchange their Currency to be able to interact with and within the Nation they will need to go through an Exchange Mechanism which Exchanges their Foreign Currency for the EXTERIOR Currency and then for the INTERIOR Currency.

The fact that the TWO Currencies of a Nation have the same Exchange Rate and Value also means that there are NO EXTRA COSTS when Exchanges are carried out (maybe a little fee for doing such work).

Other Reasons based on Global Developments - The GCR (Global Currency Reset)
Another reason is to be found in the contemporary development and changes that are being made in the World's Monetary System, which is a process of a global reset (the so called GCR - Global Currency Reset), which is spearheaded by the emerging world powers (the BRICS-nations). A fundamental premise of this GCR and the New Global Monetary System is that it will apply a new gold standard. This means it will require of a currency to be backed by gold. The first quantity of gold to back a Nation's currency which is aimed for is Basel III, which means a backing of 15%.

The Chinese, who are spearheading these changes, are already using a similar system with their two Currencies the Yuan and the Renminbi.

The New International Monetary System will therefore have such properties as well and it is therefore recommended for Nations to integrate it into their Monetary Systems.