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The first Just Currency in the World which complies with the 12 Components of The Just Monetary System is: The EVO.

The EVO "Evens Out" a commercial transaction in a most truthful, trustworthy, fair and stable manner, thereby reflecting the core of what money needs to do.

The EVO therefore enables to bring the "JMS Ben-EVO-lence" into the monetary, financial and economic realm.

The Value and Rate of the EVO is determined by the New Fixed Gold Standard of the JMS.

The Exchange Mechanism of other Currencies into EVO can be found

The EVO & JUST Bank
The EVO will be operated by "Just Bank", which banks with a 100% backing by REAL ASSETS. Therefore does the EVO also have that property, as well as the other Components of the JMS.

More about The EVO will be released later on.