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Exchanging other Currencies into EVO

Currencies that are NOT working according to the JMS-Template and which wish to exchange their Currency into the EVO can do that as follows.

Express the value of such other currency in either 1KG of Fine Gold (0,999GLD/ 24K) or 1 Troy Ounce of Fine Gold.

The following website can be used to calculate the rate of a currency in Gold: http://www.goldrate24.com/gold-prices/;

Then convert that value in Gold into EVO through setting that value in Fine Gold off against the New FIXED Gold Standard of the JMS.

EXAMPLE (1KG fine Gold):

USD$ 41,776.73* set off against EVO 40,000 >> USD$ 1 = EVO 0,957

EURO€ 31,279.41* set off against EVO 40,000 >> EURO€ 1 = EVO 1,278

*) Based on the amount of the currency that needs to be paid to purchase 1KG of Gold on August 19th 2014.

The EVO will be operated by "Just Bank", which banks with a 100% backing by REAL ASSETS. Therefore does the EVO also have that property, as well as the other Components of the JMS.

More about The EVO will be released later on.