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Three Kinds of Banking

According to the JMS a JMS-Bank has THREE kinds of Banking: Personal, Commercial and Investment Banking.

Personal Banking
This involves the services for people and their daily banking needs (online banking, debit cards etc.), as well as services and programs for property-acquisition.

Commercial Banking
Involves banking for Entrepreneurs. The Bank is the deposit Bank for the funds of the entrepreneurs, faciltitates their transactions and processes their transfers. Besides faciltating their Current Accounts, the Bank provides financing of the "Short Term Commerce" of entrepreneurs via "Commercial Paper", for hot-consumer goods, the sale of which are guaranteed. Short Term is anything from 91 days or less. Such "Commercial Paper" are instruments like the "International Bills of Exchange". Entrepreneurs can turn to Commercial Banks for such "Self-Liquidating Credit"-Options.

To that effect, and if necessary for the Liquidity Position of such Banks, can certain thereto authorized Commercial Banks interface with the JMS-MA and make usage of The RESERVE of 33%.

Besides this, will banks facilitate the more complex and longer term commercial transactions for their entrepreneurs via issuing and handling Bank Instruments for them such as "Standby Letters of Credit" and "Letters of Credit".

Investment Banking
Such banks specialize in working with Savings and the Equity of people and organizations to fund projects that have a Longer Maturity, and thus are executed via "Long Term Investment Paper" such as "Certificates of Deposit". They work according to the Constrains & Safeguards for Investments & Debt-Creation.

Also can certain thereto authorized Investment Banks interface with the JMS-MA and make usage of The RESERVE of 33%.

While, as stated, the JMS-Bank does NOT make loans or investments according to the fractional-reserve-banking method, it rather applies approaches which consist of sound and optimized backing models. Therefore the deposists of its depositors are not jeopardized by the investments of a JMS-Bank.

It is known that other New and Just Trade-Platforms are being developed which are TRUTHFULLY geared towards funding Humanitarian Projects.