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Reasonable & Justifiable Fees

JMS-Banks charge "Reasonable & Justifiable Fees"
The 20th Century has shown even more danger of banks which have been charging abusively high interest rates and how that can be destructive for the economy. Banks should not aim to cling-on hard working profit-making businesses to try to drain their profits as much as they can. Banks thus have been greedily and unlawfully confiscated money from the totality of the economy for themselves and to the disadvantage of all. The traditional monetary system allows banks to loan money from Central Banks at a very low interest, or create money via the fractional reserve method. They then loaned it out to people and businesses at a much higher interest-rate so they could make money, and lots of it, all at the expense of businesses and the people.

In a JMS it is all about Just Prices for Goods and Services, including those for the Services of a bank. The fact that a bank has a lot of money does not mean the bank should stranglehold people or entrepreneurs with parasitically high interest rates.

In the JMS a JMS-bank charges "Reasonable and Justifiable Fees". These would rather be fixed fees, but can also be expressed in percentages as long as they are reasonable and justifiable.

JMS-Banks will need to provide Quotes, which clearly show what these fees are based upon.