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Just Bank

Just Bank is the First JMS-Bank in the World.

It is set up according to
The JMS-Banking Template designed for JMS-Banks as well as other banks that want to transform into a JMS-Bank.

The Founder of The JMS, John Offenbach, is also on the Board of Just Bank.

"Just" stands for banking in Righteous, Simple, Clear-cut, Transparent and Sound ways, while providing services in an unselfish manner to the people, entrepreneurs and to the economy.

Clients with Just Bank will not obtain high yields on their deposits through high interest-rates. Money needs to flow and be put in action, to be used for making more Economic Value to the benefit of all. Money is not a product, it is energy, destined to be “worked” with. That is what Just Bank is geared towards: that Equity and Assets are made usage of for the benefit of the advancement of every sovereign individual, humanity as a whole and the earth.

Just Bank obviously does NOT make loans or investments according to the fractional-reserve-banking method, but applies approaches which consist of sound and optimized backing models. The deposists of its depositors are not jeopardized with Just Bank.

Just Bank has all the THREE Departments of a Bank: Personal, Commercial and Investment Banking.

Just Bank will announce when it is open for business.