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Authorization to Work with the 33%-Reserve

The JMS can Authorize Specialized and Trustworthy JMS-Banks to work with the Monetized Quantity of JMS-Currency out of the RESERVE of 33%.

A special department within the JMS-Bank handles such Loans and Investments.

Such a JMS-Bank will be responsible to work in correspondence with and to uphold the following Necessary Constraints & Safeguards for Investments & Debt-Creation within a JMS

1. Any Bank, which invests must: A) balance the liabilities with assets, and B) match the maturity of the liabilities with the maturity of the money they lend out.
2. Any Bank should work on 100% Asset-Backing and not loan out more money than it has on deposit. The only exception is when it is a licensed Bank by the JMS-MA that is entrusted to work with the RESERVE of 33%;
3. The investments should be well collateralized. Either the borrowing enterprise assigns part of its real estate, or part of its Gross-Profits.
4. The investments have to be based on Expert Business Plans, and will have to be well structured, projected and planned.
5. The investments should produce more Economic Value in output through the newly created and beneficial Goods or Services (which is also measurable via the growth of the GNP). The ratio of the debt created versus the output must not become negative; otherwise the exit-strategy might have to be applied to shut down the enterprise and any further debt-creation in its favor. This simply cannot always be prevented. Therefore a JMS will have to take this into account in its Total Quantity of Created JMS-Currency, reflected in its set RESERVE of 33%.
5. In a JMS Investments do NOT have remuneration based on an Interest-Percentage, but consist of a Just and Reasonable Fee based on a actual work done by the Bank.

This means there is NO room for the traditional Private Placement Platforms or any such Trade-Programs, which have been part of the traditional unjust monetary systems and that were supposedly geared towards funding humanitarian projects, but have appeared to be for the benefit of a select few.

It is known that other New and Just Trade-Platforms are being developed which are TRUTHFULLY geared towards funding Humanitarian Projects.