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For Nations

John Offenbach and the JMS-Consultants offer Nations Consultancy and Implementation Services along the JMS-Templates. The following is offered thereto for a Nation:


The "Stand-Alone JMS" for Nations. Implementing the JMS as a replacement of a Nation's current monetary system.

Nations can also ask for assistance to implement an even more beneficial and grander overall transformative program which is based on the THIRTEENTH Component of the JMS: the Just Societal Structure. This establishes Sounder Political Structures that correspond with and apply the deeper meanings of Freedom, Equivalence and Brotherhood.

Then the JMS of a Nation, mandated to a Neutral Non-Profit Monetary Authority, can be placed within the Just Societal Structure to achieve its optimal functioning.

The Just Societal Structure (see its Basic Template [278 KB] ) will also focus on implementing:

1. Sound Commercial Banking & Just Financing Options for (New) Businesses & Projects
2. Providing Basic Income to the Needy, Young, Disabled, Permanently Sick and Elderly
3. Reasonable Property-Purchasing for Home Owners and Businesses
4. Balance in the Economy of your Imports and Exports
5. Setting Minimum Basic Standards of Organic Agriculture
6. Providing Clean Water & Clean Energy
7. Providing Holistic and Free Healthcare
8. The Right to and the Financing of Free Education for all

These programs and templates accompany fundamental changes, transformation and sanitization of a Nation thus allowing a solidification of the new Modus Operandi.

These tools and templates allow to be modified and applied to the characteristics of a Nation.

After talks about the needs of a Nation or Bank, a Project-Contract will be drafted which outlines the necessary steps to take for the desired implementation.

The book "The Global Abuse of the Creation of Money & Doing it Otherwise", by P.S. Offenbach will be provided for free once an implementation track has been agreed upon and initiated.