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For Banks

Banks who wish to set up a JMS-Bank or transform into a JMS-Bank can obtain Consultancy and Servies to implement the The JMS-Banking Template, which has:

Three Kinds of Banking
Reasonable and Justifiable Fees
Loans and Investments possible through application of the RESERVE of 33%
New ways of obtaining a home*

New ways of financing a business*
New Banking Protocols*
Secure Transfer Systems*
Bank Instruments*
New Bank Terms & Conditions*

The items marked with a '*' will ONLY be disclosd in discussions between the JMS and those Parties who are interested in the implementation of either a JMS and/or of a JMS-Bank.

After talks about the needs of the Bank a Project-Contract will be drafted which outlines the necessary steps to take for the desired implementation.

The book "The Global Abuse of the Creation of Money & Doing it Otherwise", by Dan Offenbach will be provided for free once an implementation track has been agreed upon and initiated.