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The Mission

The Mission is to address the outcry of Humanity for a New and Just Monetary System.

The Just Monetary System (JMS) here presented is a contribution to the World to provide a way out and a transition to a New and Just Monetary System.

The JMS is an alternative that is JUST, SOUND and SELFLESS, instead of the current unjust traditional one that enslaves humanity, unnecessarily drains the economy for the benefit of select manipulating groups, is falsely out of touch, misleading, casino-like and based on an irrelevant and hallucinative sophisticatedness.

This presentation outlines the Just Monetary System as a Template and shows how it can be operated so it can bring Goodness to Humanity, to the Nations of the World and the monetary systems they apply.

The Book by John Offenbach "The Global Abuse of the Creation of Money & Doing it Otherwise" exposes the major flaw of the current monetary system.