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Welcome to the Just Monetary System

This website is dedicated to address one of the most profound outcries in the World: the one for a New, Sound and Just Monetary System.

The Just Monetary System (further also referred to as "JMS") consists of a New Template and Standard that allows for the Economy of a Nation to have a new start with a Sound and Just Monetary Basis. It is a compilation of those merits that were worked out throughout the last centuries merged with new ultra-contemporary ideas.

The Result is The JMS-Template and its 12 Components: a modern beacon of sanitizing Justice in the monetary and banking world.

The Founder of the JMS, John Offenbach, hopes it to be a coherent platform for Nations providing guidelines, options and templates on how to implement a JMS so it can be made operational for their benefit and that of its people.

The JMS-website hereby also presents its discourse of what is unlawful and wrongful about the current monetary system through the book:
"The Global Abuse of the Creation of Money & Doing it Otherwise".

May this all inspire many and bring Goodness to Humanity and the World.